Topics covered

We solicit original and ongoing research addressing the topics listed below (but not limited to):

1)Why “Visual Analysis”

- Semantic labeling, object detection and recognition

- Long-term multi-target visual tracking

- Action and activity recognition

2)Why “Gigapixel”

- Gigapixel Imaging

- Gigapixel Videography

3)When Gigapixel meets Vision

- Efficient network architecture design

- Prediction, modeling and analysis of large-scale scenes

- Large-scale 3D reconstruction using multiple gigapixel images

- Diffractive Deep Neural Network for Saliency Detection

- Deep optics: end-to-end optimization for intelligent camera


1. Long-term multi-target tracking using gigapixel video.

2. Pedestrian trajectory prediction using gigapixel video.

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Important Dates